Man Cave? NO WAY!

Who says HE gets a “special” macho room to himself and SHE just gets the kitchen? 

An alternate you may never have heard about is the “She Shed”.  Why doesn’t that idea get as much press as the “Man Cave”? Beats me!

The fact is, there seems to be way more variety to the She Shed concept than there is in Man Caves.

So what is the typical Man Cave design theme for guy entertaining?
  • Beer
  • Big screen TV 
  • Beer
  • Billiards
  • Beer
  • Poker
  • Beer
That’s pretty much it, isn’t it? So what about the Anti-Man-Cave, a She Shed for the lady of the house (Lady Lounge?) and her friends?
  • Yoga Room (a place to relax and drink wine, more accurately)
  • Tea Room
  • Meditation Room (aka Nap Place)
  • Pillow Place (one can never have too many pillows to read a book with, right?)
  • Writer’s Hideout
  • Garden Shed (greenhouse?)
  • Craft / Sewing Center
  • Painter’s Studio
  • Tree house
  • Collectibles Cottage
  • What else? 

Whatever YOU like to do dictates the design of both a Man Cave and a She Shed, so your imagination is in charge. And of course, Google is your guide.

PS, just to be clear, I do not advocate doing JUST a She Shed or JUST a Man Cave, you know what I mean?

If you can’t work out how to incorporate both a Man Cave and a She Shed into your current home, let me know and I will find you a new place that can accommodate just what you want.

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