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We have all heard about various “popular” ways to get scammed by phone callers or to be the victim of identity theft, and I have gotten calls trying to “get” me with some of them, but there are a few I read about recently that maybe you have not heard of.  I have not seen or maybe just missed the warnings on some of them. Are you aware of these?

      Fat Finger Dialing Scam: A simple mistake in dialing - or writing down - a phone number can be costly. The type of con it plays into is called a "fat finger dialing" scam. Consumers make a mistake dialing a number and end up connected to someone who leads them down a rip-off path. Almost any frequently called number is likely to be a target for the "fat finger" approach. Take the national number for the Do Not Call list run by the Federal Trade Commission. The correct number is (888) 382-1222. But if you are off by just one digit, you can end up calling a number that tells you the number has been changed. The number it…