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Tiny House? NOT!

Am I the only one who gets irritated at the TV shows about "TINY HOUSES"? 
Irritated because most of the shows are REALLY all about custom made RECREATIONAL VEHICLES (RV's) NOT actual HOUSES.

As far as I'm concerned the folks that put those shows together just aren't all that smart. Or maybe they just feel that it's "artistic license" and they can call an RV a house and since it's TV where nothing is "real" anyway, everyone expects definitions to be "stretched".

So, does anyone else agree that if it's on a permanent foundation it's a HOUSE and if it's on wheels it ISN'T?

This last house uses an idea that I particularly like, building with shipping containers. It actually could work as a custom RV as well.

OK, no wheels, but definitely not on a foundation, a variation on the "portable" theme.
As you might expect, my personal interest in tiny houses is finding you some land to build YOUR tiny house o…

Who Died Here?

WHO DIED HERE? There are online services that will dig up data on deaths that have occurred in your home!Some home buyers and homeowners recently received a head-turning come-on in their email inboxes: “Unlock Death in Home Information Today.”

“Surely you would want to know if a violent murder or suicide took place in the home before you sign a contract,” reads the email, and readers are told that homes where a tragic death has occurred can fare much worse on the market than others.

“Death in Home” data is the latest dirt that purveyors of “pre-diligence reports,” are making available to the public – for a fee, of course.

Availability of this data is particularly notable because real estate agents and sellers in most states aren’t required to disclose home deaths or a property's violent crimes to buyers, even though the information could theoretically make or break a deal.

Prospective homebuyers who pay the $10-12 fee get reports of individuals who have perished from murder,…

Secret Hiding Places -- Ways to foil thieves at home

Secret Hiding Places
Ways to foil thieves at homeThe Old Hollowed-Out-Book Trick
There's not much room in one hollowed out book. Instead (or in addition to), use several books with a plywood box attached to the back. If you have a band saw for cutting out the pages, great. If not, you can use a jigsaw. If the sides of the books will be visible, fold back the covers of the books on the left and right sides of the assembly before cutting. Build a plywood box to fit the opening and glue the book parts to the box with construction adhesive. Keep in mind you can see inside the box on low shelves, so you need to display it so the opening is above eye level.Right Out in the Open
It doesn't have to be an old vacuum cleaner. Any common household item that has a cavity will work. Think old printers, computer towers, children's toys, etc. (Just be sure family members know about it so your valuables don't get donated or tossed!) For easy access, choose an…

Is Your World Too Loud?


Man Cave? NO WAY!