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Since indoor plumbing was invented (the photo is a communal toilet room from a couple of thousand years ago) there really has not been a lot of innovation in the systems, everyone relying on some form of rigid piping for water distribution and drainage. 

So, I thought it was interesting when I saw a hot and cold potable water distribution technology that uses flexible polyethylene tubing instead of pieces of rigid pipe glued, screwed or soldered together that we are all used to seeing.  I think it’s pretty slick, and it appears to me like the way to go.
Manifold Home Piping SystemsWhat are they?
Manifold piping, or home-run plumbing systems are a plumbing option that generally uses a type of tubing called PEX — cross-lined polyethylene piping.  The pictures pretty well show how it works. 

The idea is that each tube runs continuously from the centrally located distribution manifold out to the fixture it serves, without a bunch of branches and fittings hidden in the building’s framing to …