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Tiny House? NOT!

Am I the only one who gets irritated at the TV shows about "TINY HOUSES"? 
Irritated because most of the shows are REALLY all about custom made RECREATIONAL VEHICLES (RV's) NOT actual HOUSES.

As far as I'm concerned the folks that put those shows together just aren't all that smart. Or maybe they just feel that it's "artistic license" and they can call an RV a house and since it's TV where nothing is "real" anyway, everyone expects definitions to be "stretched".

So, does anyone else agree that if it's on a permanent foundation it's a HOUSE and if it's on wheels it ISN'T?

This last house uses an idea that I particularly like, building with shipping containers. It actually could work as a custom RV as well.

OK, no wheels, but definitely not on a foundation, a variation on the "portable" theme.
As you might expect, my personal interest in tiny houses is finding you some land to build YOUR tiny house o…