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How brave are you?

Would you build or buy a house like the one above that I call “Jumbalaya”?  How about a media room that took its design cues from Star Trek? 

Want to surprise your guests with a “fishy” powder room feature?

We all want our homes to be unique in some way, but some folks don’t just think outside the box, they don’t even seem to know what a box IS! 

I enjoy the “Extreme Homes” show on TV, lots of fabulous ideas, some of which I might “appropriate” myself. 
How about YOU? How far would you go to make your home unique?  Have you already done it or are you looking at how you can assemble your extreme dream house ideas and make them reality?  I would love to help you whether you are looking to shoot for the moon, or maybe to go for something unique but less outrageous.  

You can start your search HERE.

PS, if you know someone who is considering buying or selling a home (extreme or not), if you would please pass my contact info on I would appreciate it!

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