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Tankless Water Heaters – A Few Issues

These days it’s all about being “green”, sustainable and energy conscious, so it isn't hard to find a lot of advice about how to incorporate features into a new home or remodeling project to reduce our adverse impact on the environment, not to mention our pocket books.  

One popular improvement suggested is installing a tankless water heater rather than the traditional tank type units. 

When we were adding on to our house, we had planned on changing out to one or maybe two of them.  But, we found that there are some misconceptions and misunderstandings about these devices and the big savings they promise. 
Typical promises are:
Unlimited (continuous) supply of hot waterInstantaneous hot water if installed at point of useReduced water-heating costsSmall amount of space required for installation (usually wall-hung)

Are they accurate?  Well, sorta, kinda. Unlimited? Not exactly – there are a variety of units on the market with differing capacity ratings. A big family can overstep the cap…