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Planning to move?

Is a "Moving Day" in your future?

Don't Ask, Don't Tell?

That is, if you don’t ask moving companies the right questions, they may not tell you about add-on charges that could surprise you unpleasantly when you get their final bill.

There are some potential expenses you may not have considered when using a moving company. When people start planning a move, they might begin by going online to get a few moving quotes. Most companies will offer you a free quote, online or over the phone, so it’s really easy! BUT, you should keep in mind that these quotes will only give you an approximation of your total moving cost.

Here are a few things that won’t typically be in their off-the-cuff figure. Not exactly a “hidden fee” but some things you may have failed to ask about.

1. Extra weight
Many moving companies base their quotes on the weight of the shipment, but this means that the accuracy depends on how close the weight estimate is.  Whose figure is it? If the movers pick up yo…