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How Smart Is Smart?

It seems like companies big and small all over the world are working furiously to make the things around us smarter than we are.

I’d say by far the leading examples we all know and love are our phones and our cars, but there are game systems, Smart TV’s and the ever popular “much much more”:
Security systems and surveillanceSmoke and fire alarmsHeating and A/C thermostatsDoor locksRefrigeratorsLightsBaby monitorsFootballs that track your throws (!!!!)Egg cartons track freshnessWater bottles track your hydrationMattress covers that turn off the lights and set the alarmJars that tell you when contents are getting lowAnd more every day!

What you might not realize is some of the technologies that are now being integrated into homes and our lives can provide an open portal to “the web” that may leave them (and YOU) vulnerable to danger, harassment and attack.  
Many of these smart devices prioritize simplicity over security and the default security and privacy settings may be “OFF”. You reall…