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Do You Have A Trouble-Free Home?

I was thinking about how many of the seemingly peripheral parts of the home buying and selling process people tend to short change.  Is it to save a buck when so many of them (bucks) seem like they are going away, or are they just lost in the shuffle when there are so many things to do to get the transaction closed? 

In my last blog I mentioned flood insurance, and how big a gamble it can be to “save” a few hundred dollars by skipping that.  What got me wondering again was reading about Home Warranties (aka Residential Service Contracts), and how valuable they can be, but how they might be under-utilized, again, maybe to save a buck?  Well, I can tell you from experience that they are worth the cost whether the buyer or seller is footing the bill:  As our southeast Texas spring heated up a few weeks ago and the temperatures started rising, we switched to A/C, only to find that it was not getting cooler in the house. THEN I realized that the old condenser unit outside was oddly quiet.  …