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Are You A Gambler?

Are You A Gambler?

I recently renewed all of my home insurance policies, the regular Homeowners policy, plus Windstorm and Flood Insurance.  Here in the Houston area, hurricane country, home insurance is always a hot topic, and a major pain in the wallet!  Where I sit, halfway between downtown Houston and the Gulf of Mexico, pretty much everyone understands that the wind can come calling and lenders generally require basic property hazard policies, but Flood Insurance is optional.  That seems odd to me actually, since I would expect the lender to demand as much protection as they can, and of course, they ARE in a position to insist.  Even more surprising, my insurance agent told me there are a LOT of people who don’t think they need flood insurance!  I find it hard to believe there are that many gamblers out there!  

I just thought I’d share a few thoughts... and no, I’m not selling insurance, and I am not getting any kickbacks from the insurance folks!

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