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Open Floor Plans -- Pros and Cons

I got to thinking recently about how open floor plans are currently so popular and wondered how people felt about the idea that have lived in open-plan homes, or think they might want to.  My first thought at the time was “Aw, man, I’ll need to keep the kitchen clean!  No more piles in the kitchen sink!”

The mindset used to be that the more rooms a house had, the more attractive, compartmentalized, and functional it was. But designers and homeowners alike started realizing that homes with open floor plan designs could fit more usable living space into the same amount of square footage. 

Fast forward maybe 20 years, and spacious homes with fewer walls are more popular than ever.  Just for starters, I’m sure you’ll find that people agree that living rooms tend to be underused, and creating a “great room” by combining the kitchen and living or family room (or both) can help the living room get more use and the kitchen gain some much-needed extra space.   Beyond that basic concept, you …