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Insulated Garage Doors This time of year it's easy to get advice on "winterizing" your home, but one area I rarely see mentioned is your garage door!  It's one heck of a big "hole" in your outside walls if you have an attached garage.  Here's a bit of information that might help if you have an existing door you want to upgrade rather than buying a new factory-insulated door.  
How to Insulate a Garage Door By: Lisa Kaplan Gordon - National Association of Realtors - houselogic
Garage insulation cuts energy bills and street noise. Here’s how to insulate your garage door. Garage door insulation can make your life warmer, cooler, and quieter. It lowers energy bills, acts as a barrier between you and street noise, and brightens an otherwise dreary space. Garage door insulation is an easy DIY project; it’ll cost you about $200 to insulate two 9-foot-wide doors.

Types of insulation

Any insulation type will increase the energy efficiency of your garage door. Her…