Your IRA Could Be The Key To Owning Real Estate

Did you know that a penalty-free IRA withdrawal may be used to help with your down payment to buy a home if you meet certain guidelines, regardless of age? 

If you fit the definition of “first time homebuyer” (which the Internal Revenue Service defines to be anyone who has not owned a home during the prior two years), you might be closer than you think to your “dream home”!

If you are considering buying and fit this description, or you know someone who does and might be ready to buy, check out the info I have at my web site: “Penalty-Free IRA Withdrawal”

And, please feel free to keep an eye on my site to find the latest residential and commercial property listings, real estate news, market updates and special real estate opportunities. 

Let me know what I can do to help you and yours get moving!

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Authored by Jim Pedicord


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